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Custom Websites for your Organization. $9.95/Month!
Includes: Custom Websites with a Online Website Builder, Online Donations with Donor Management, Online Store with eCommerce Solutions, Fundraising & Marketing Campaign Manager with Power Bulk eMailer, and 4,500 Website Templates To Build From!
Thousands of Nonprofits and their Affiliates
have Chosen us for their Website services
Hosting Some Of The Biggest Nonprofit Names In The World!

Custom Built For Your Organization
By Web Design Professionals!

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Online Donations
An Absolute Necessity For
Every Nonprofit Organization!
Complete Online Donations System with Donor Management that plugs right into your website. Take donations right on your website, store all donation transactions and donor records into your donor database, increase your recurring donations with just a click of a button, and much more!
Create your Donations Form using our Easy Custom Form Builder and start taking donations on your website within minutes!

Donors are 5 times less likely to make a donations if they are re-directed to another website to make payment, so this feature is absolutely essential for your website!
All donations transactions and donor record gets written into your Donor Database.

Easily manage & sort donor records, donations trends & history, and generate accurate reports & statistical analysis.

Take advantage of this powerful feature, historically only available to large Nonprofits!
Create a list of donors based on donation trends, amount donated, number of donations made, dates, and much more.

Increase your revenue by generating more recurring donations from your list with just a click of a button.

Remember, donors that given to your organization before, are 3 times more likely to donate again than new donors!

Online Marketing
What Makes A Successful Nonprofit?
Why is Online Marketing an important feature to your nonprofit? Simply because your organization needs to be seen, your brand needs to be known, and your mission needs to be understood. Having a successful Online Marketing System will help your organization achieved all that. This is what separates the large and successful nonprofits from the small and struggling ones; the ability to effectively market yourself!
Use our Custom Forms Builder to create forms for Events Registration, Membership Signups, Newsletter, Specials, Questionnaires, Surveys, and much more!

Get your users engaged with your website. Every form they fill out, their records is written into your Contact Database. A great way to build up your Mailing List!
Adding a Discussion Forum to your website is a great way to generate more signups to your Contact Database.

Creating interesting and thoughtful topics of discussions will get users engaged with the discussion. The more users participate, the more your Discussion Forum grows and the bigger your Mailing List becomes!
All your Databases are connected to your own Bulk eMail System. With just a click of a button, you can send an eMail or newsletters to your contacts, donors, members, and more!

A great way to solicit new and recurring revenue through donations, membership signups, event registration, online store, and much more!

eCommerce Solutions
Easy, Convenient, And Versatile
Way To Collect Payments Online
Generate even more revenue from a variety of features provided by our eCommerce Solution!

Fully integrated System that connects directly to PayPal. If you have an account with Paypal, then you could be selling your products within minutes!
With traffic coming to your website, you now have plenty of options to generate revenue for your organization. Our system provides the most versatile ways to do this.

Create your own Online Store and sell products, tickets, event registrations, membership fees, and much more!
Every transaction that is made will be populated into your database.

Our powerful interface allows you manage transaction details, upload detailed information and image of each item, set number of items available, generate detail reports on items sold, buying trends, customer records, and much more!
Fully integrated with Paypal, a world wide trusted company.

All major credits cards accepted with one of the industry's lowest fee per transaction.

Fully secured processing and reliable transfer of fund to your bank account.

Much Much More!
Endless amount of features to make your organization's website top notched!
Point & Click Visual Web Page Editor
Easy to learn for beginners, powerful enough for advanced users. Create simple web page layouts to complex multi-layer designs.

Create beautiful pages without any web programming experience. Add custom text, images, streaming audio & video, animation, and even complex code.
Create Unlimited Custom Forms
Powerful and versatile Custom Form Creator lets you build an unlimited amount of forms. Create simple newsletter forms to more complex membership signup forms!

Every form connects to your database so all submission will get recorded and categorized.
Generate Detail Reports & Analysis
Every donation transaction, form submission, and items sold is stored in your database.

Create and export detail reports and analysis of donations made, membership activity, donor trends, items sold and much more!
Add Users To Your List Thru Your Discussion Forums
One of the most effective method of getting new user signups is to create interesting topics in your Discussion Forums. The more compelling the topic is, the more likely someone will signup to be part of the conversation!

The bigger your list, the more effective your Marketing Campaign will be!
Secure Your Pages & Allow Access To Members Only
Add a login requirement to any pages of your website. Secure each page based on specific users or user groups.

Determine what part of your website is accessible to which person or group of people in your organization.
Photo Gallery, Survey Polls, RSS Feeds, And Much More!
Our system is just loaded with so much features that it would take four more pages just to list them!

Without question, no other company offers as much bang for your buck!

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Founded in 2001 by some really cool people with some really cool ideas, we have provided nonprofit organizations over the years with more than just a simple website. What we offer is a complete & effective system that will help your organization be successful online.